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Defining the need

Imagine saying goodbye to your loved ones before heading off to a distant land for six months or longer to conduct daring missions in life-threatening environments. You are leaving your wife, your kids, your parents, your brothers, your sisters and your friends. Or imagine saying goodbye to your husband or family member who is leaving home to do the same. This is a daily reality in the lives of US Navy SEALs who answer the call of their country. The images of family linger in their minds when they are asked to do the impossible. They answer the call every time; some live to fight another day, others do not. Their sacrifices were made public in 2005 when 11 SEALs were killed while conducting counter-terrorism operations in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. It was the SEAL Teams' greatest single loss in its 44-year history. Since this fateful day, other SEALs have been killed and critically wounded in the Global War on Terror.

The families that they leave behind bear the brunt of their sacrifice. Many active duty SEALs are the sole income recipients within the family; most do not carry or qualify for adequate life insurance. With an average yearly salary of only $30K, most SEALs do not have meaningful savings, and spouses do not receive ongoing payments from the Navy, even if the SEAL's death resulted from injuries sustained in combat.

Navy SEAL Warrior Fund was established to meet this growing need. The Fund is a non-profit 501c3 that works in partnership with the Naval Special Warfare Foundation to provide education, health and wellness programs for the families of US Navy SEALs who have died while serving our country, or who are presently serving in harm's way in trouble spots around the world. The need is real, substantial and immediate.
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