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Board of Directors

The organization is led by a dedicated and active Board of Directors and a full-time Executive Director:

  1. David C. Janke* President and Founder, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

  2. Brendan Rogers* Secretary, Severn River Capital

  3. D.J. Haley* Treasurer, Ziff Brothers Investments

  4. Jim Ball* Morgan Stanley

  5. Drew Bisset* Bisset Telecommunications Consulting Group

  6. Lou Bremer* US Government

  7. Jim Carrier Edgewood Management

  8. Andrew Darcy* Credit Suisse

  9. Sean F. Dillon* Merrill Lynch

  10. Joseph Femenia* Goldman Sachs

  11. Michael Martin* Merrill Lynch

  12. Timothy B. Phillips* American Cancer Society, Inc.

  13. William C. White* Basin Street Properties

  14. William T. White III* Blanco Investments

*US Navy Seal

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