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Watchmaker Michael Kobold is working on his physical and mental toughness with some SEALs who’ve volunteered to help him train on their off hours in advance of his upcoming Mt. Everest climb. He expects to leave for Katmandu on April 3 and return May 27 and is working to raise $250,000 for the Navy SEAL Warrior Fund, in honor of a friend who was injured in Iraq and now uses a wheelchair. To learn more about the climb go to everest-challenge.com.

The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund thanks Michael for his commitment to our mission and wishes him great success with his climb.

SEAL forces, to ever expanding degrees, continue to answer the call of duty in trouble spots around the world. As demand grows for their services so too does the demand grow for support from the Navy SEAL Warrior Fund.

The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund is a public charity tasked with a mission that is three-fold:

    • to support the widows and children of US Navy SEALs killed or injured in combat or training;

    • to assist wounded SEALs where special needs must be met; and,

    • to provide support to the active duty SEALs who are away from home for extended periods of time answering the call of duty and their families back home.

The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund wants their teammates to know that while they have the very best support on the battlefield they can continue to count on the very best support for their families on the home front. The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund is singularly focused on continuing this mission.

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